AMI Machining uses a variety of precision grinding equipment to manufacture high-precision products. The process of grinding removes material from the workpiece by a powered abrasive wheel, belt, stone, paste, sheet, compound, or other agents. By precision grinding a metal part, we can achieve a mirror finish that helps expedite the polishing process. The most common form of grinding is surface grinding (produces perfectly flat and/or squared surfaces)

AMI Machining’s Surface Grinding Capabilities

  • Large parts ground perfectly flat.
  • Inquire about flatness for thinner parts
  • Multiple parts at once
  • Machine hardened or heat-treated material
  • Tolerances of .0001″ achieved routinely through surface grinding
  • Complex angled flats
  • Typical Surface finish of .4 Ra μm.
  • Maximum cutting size: 16″ x 24″
  • Inquire for minimum workpiece sizes
  • Inquire for maximum workpiece size
  • Temperature controlled environment for superior accuracy

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Benefits of Surface Grinding

Knife blade blank

Simultaneous Grinding– Multiple parts that require the same thickness can be ground simultaneously, producing equally sized parts. Griding multiple parts at once reduces the cost to customers and creates a more uniform part.

CNC GRINDING – For less critical parts, or parts that require significant material removal, we can program the grinder to take off the exact amount of material needed reducing operator machine time.

16-24ex Okamoto CNC Surface Grinder
Big wire EDM mold

Superior Consistency – During a cutting process, conventional cutting tools can wear down or even break, resulting in tiny inconsistencies in the final product. Surface grinding automatically dresses the wheel, using a diamond tip, essentially providing a brand new cutting tool resulting in tighter tolerances and better finishes.